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Fork Problems post #1
hey everyone.

im having a problem with my bike. my handlebars are moving back and forth just enough to piss me off a lot..

what i mean by that, is that where the fork connects the the frame (on the bottom, not the top gyro part), when i lift the bike and push and pull the handlebars, i can see movement on the bottom part of the frame where it connects to the fork, if you know what i mean. there is nothing there to least thats what it looks like... and i tried tightening eevrything on the handlebars, and nothing helped.

If you guys know what im talking about, please help because every time i lift my front wheel it sets me offbalance because of that annoying movement.



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Fork Problems post #2
your frame might be ovalled where the forks go in (doubt it but happened to me).. or you can just tighten your stem up.. loosen the side bolts on the stem a bit and tighten the top and then tighten the side bolts up again.. dont just tighten the top w/o loosening the side bolts because you will strip something.. (i forget what it is.. brain fart)

hopefully that will help but i dont understand fully

or you could just get a spacer if thats needed... you can check by doign what i said up there ^^ (tightening it up) and then put something between the stems spacers (finger nail.. somethign that thing) and seeing if theres space.. and if there is a space in the stem part, get a spacer and put it in and it should be alright.. and if nothing works like that you probably ovalled your frame.. chances are that it didnt happen you probably just needed it to be tightened the right way

i probably miss understood what you said but that might help


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Fork Problems post #3
i can think of 4 things.

1-the bearing casing is broken or bearings are smashed/missing

2-the bearing race isnt seating into the bearings because the stem is not sitting down far enough. in that case the top of the fork would move too and you can easily move the spacers and dust caps on the headset.

3-cracked or stressed headtube. this can cause the bearing cup to move around so if this happens the cup will move with it too and you can easily check the headtube for cracks or stress(bowed out)

4-there is not bearing race on the fork. now unless you bought a new fork and didnt install the race this would not be the problem. this is like the most unlikely, this case will only happen if someone makes the mistake of not installing it

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