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i go out in the front of my house and did a couple grinds and a few sprocket stalls.. on my third one i landed it and hopped off and went to pedal away and it was all stiff.. i get off and looked at it and then pedaled a bit... the chain snaps and a couple teeth bend to shit...i think i should get a guard

piece of shit and its only been used for like 2 weeks and has only taken a few sprocket tricks

2 out of 10


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I got it as well and no complaints from me...

ok ok I used it only 1 time yet :]

Anyway, isn't it smarted to use a guard anyway when going for sprocket stalls and grinds? Are there any sprockets and chains that don't get damaged after a few times?


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being a light guy and only having this for a couple days and it being about 7mm thick i though it would last a lot longer and i could kill it and it still be fine... i put the chain back together but its all bent on one link and i think its gonna snap again :evil:

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