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how do you balance well to do flatland tricks... can anione tell me how to train to get better balance to do flatland tricks..:?: i need to learn how to spin around on the bike... pls help......


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I dont ride flat much(unless you count feeble attempts at techy lip tricks, lol), but balance is something I know a good bit about. You have to get a good feel for your limitations(how far is TOO far to lean, how much to compensate, etc.). That is different for every person and only gets better with practice and pushing yourself. So go ride, and work on testing your balance limits.


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pracitising :roll:

fork glide, fork wheelie, tailwhip...


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Balance is all about body weight in relation to the bike. For example, ride along real slow then stop, and try to balance by simply twisting the front wheel and shifting your body weight. See how long you can keep from touching the ground with your feet.

Once you get that, you`ve got a basis to build on. Using the same technique, you can apply it to manuals, fork wheelies, steamrollers etc. All about body weight and using an arm or a leg for counterbalance.


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