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Looking for a flatland bike for £250 ish ? any ideas ? (uk rider)

Also if you had to pick a bike for flatland and street for around £250 what would it be ?


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hello..i am a flatlander in the UK 2,were bouts in the UK ya from man? also for that amout of money all i can think of thats for sale in the UK would be the haro M7 i think..take a lok at www.customriders.com (i get all my stuff from there)and www.winstanleys.com is also good. a good place to get ares flatland frames/bikes are from www.billys.co.uk but they aint got em on there sitre so buy a ride mag cos they have em being advtised in there.i have a hoffman EP..best bike ever,custom parts 2..cost about £700 :roll: flatland dont come cheap i am afraid..thats the ONLY thing i dont like about it really


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well if you want a stricktly flatland bike for under £250 and live in the uk...which you do, there is only one strictly flatland bike out there fo rthat price, and that is the khe flatliner. (see link)


other than that you choice is limited to buying a second hand ride. unless of course you can save up some more cash.

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