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i live in the usa, ohio. i was wondering what is a good bike for me, im about 150 lbs 5'7. highest i would pay is $400 for the bike. any help would be great.


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$400 is a great amount to spend on a flatland bike, any less and you get pretty crap products. ok here are my recommendations:
(its worth noting that i live in the uk, so the prices of these bikes may not be exactly $400, but in the uk they are around that much)

fly bikes micromachine (micromachine pro) - you get a genuine frame which is worth just over $200, full crom-bars and forks, with small offset, a great dia-compe brake set up, very good quality alex/fly/nakai wheel set up, which im sure any flatland will be pleased to use (dont forget any pro flatlanders use the same nakai freecoaster hub as what is on this bike) and the rest of the parts are very god quality like, aluminum pegs and chainwheel etc etc. if you get the pro version ot comes with a tubular sealed cro-mo crankm which is dope.


wethepeople pony (or pony pro) - once again the pony comes with a genuine aftermarket frame worth over $200, and it is made from sanko tubing which is better than most taiwan cro-mo's, the fork and bars a ful cro-mo and come with almost zero offest which is great, once again you get a superb dia-compe brake set up which wil work very well, a nice small reach stem, which is important, a very good kimlin/salt wheel set up (with a freecoster) which wil work well, and last a long time. the company names on the wheel set up will not be as well know as the micro machines but, they are still very good. you get a nice ali sprocket, if you get the pro model you also get a tubular sealed cro-mo crank which is the nads, and all th eother parts eg tires seat, seatpost etc, are al very good.


i could give you a few more bikes to check out, but i personally think they are the best for around $400, without a doubt. too be honest no matter which one you get, you will be totally stoked because they both rule, however if i was in your possition, i would go for the wethepeople dur to the fact that it has tighter geometry, and almost zero offset forks/bars/stem, which is important. but its up to you man

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