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I am new to BMX and have had my bike for about 2 weeks, I love it and ride as much as I can. I have been trying three tricks over and over; Bunnyhop, Manual, and Wheelie. I can't manual for sh*t and my wheelie is ok, but yesterday I hit my biggest Bhop, a 9X9 inch box. It was sweet. The bad thing was that after clearing it about 5 times I bent my cranks.

I couldn't belive it I haven't even had the bike for that long and the cranks are bent. What I'm wondering is will the manufacturer replace them or not? What do you guys think?


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Yeah, they'll replace it, if you have a warrantee.

Just walk and be like look what happened, this shouldnt have happened for what i was doing with it, there must have been a week spot in the middle.

You'll probably have to lie about it, but you'll be able to get your crank fixed.


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in many warrantees it says you are secured as long as you don't stunt with your bike...read your warrantee very good, think of a good story and go to the dealer witht hat story.

You had 1 piece or 3 piece crank (probably 1 if you bent one after 2 weeks, just with a manual)


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what kinda bike just wonderin


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It's a DK General Lee. The bike is sweet, I should have known better than to get 1 piece cranks. I took it back to the bike shop right after I noticed it and they said they can't replace it and that DK probably won't replace it either.

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