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I may venture into an eastern bike instead of my WTP one, felt like a change but im slowly backing away, havent heard many good things from eastern bikes direction.

for instance:


I was told by one person this bike was very good, but by another is was absolutely shit because it weights a ton.

This one, cheaper but not heard anything about it


So at the end of the day is there any difference or which one is better for street riding?

If anyone knows much about eastern bikes or has any tips about these bikes a reply would be grateful. Information about the bike in the second link would be best as its the one im looking into most to get as my main ride next week, but dont wanna get it and it weighing more than 35 k.

- Croz


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dude eastern is a good company...i would suggest getting a eastern jane...or something a little bit more of a top of the line eastern complete..it will be worth it to throw down a little more money.


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eastern jane isnt street though :(


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i ride an eastern jane on street and i love it it is a perfect bike

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