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dodgy mechanics, and torqued threads post #1
today is a sad day,

its the second time ive torqued my pedals to the point of having my threads move, it may only be a millimeter off, but its a big BIG BIG!!! problem.

i had it rethreaded by the shop, but it only lasted few weeks

ive done alot of damage to my bike and everytime i go to get it fixed i have to go back at least once more because they did something wrong.

ive bent 48 spoke double wall rims(not hard if you put in some effort)

ive still got dirt in my rear bearings, which according to the shop, cannot be removed.

im thinking a change of bike shop is definatly the way to go, but yeah.

anywho, anybody with comments relating to this, or relating to nothing at all, do what u want
im going to bed


dodgy mechanics, and torqued threads post #2
First me on dont torque your pedals with a wrench ever!!! Finger tighten them and you will never have that problem again. if nessecary, after you finger tighten them, make 1/2 turn with wrench...never anything more.

As far as your rims...we all have bent rims before and screwed up a hub or comes with riding. if your bike shop says they cant clean out a freakin hub??? tell them they shouldnt be working there and find another shop. (or save $ and learn on your own)


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dodgy mechanics, and torqued threads post #3
yeah dont torque those things on just finger tighten if you feel uncomfortable with that then just take a wrench and use like no strength and snug it down till it doesnt come off easily nore have you torqued it beyond its limit

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