DK Four Pack for $209

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DK Four Pack for $209 post #1
I just won this...

I'd call it the steal of the freakin century. The shop is about half an hour away and it'll be assembled & waiting. After assembly, tax, etc it all came to $309. Not bad considering that it's $400 at Danscomp (not including assembly).

Thanks for all your help in choosing a bike, I couldn't have done it without you guys (icerocket, slappyslapnuts, federal_rider12, Trimix).

Thanks :prost:


DK Four Pack for $209 post #2
I think the people like it that you tell them they helped you nicely...

but I got a question... what do you mean with "I won this..." ?


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DK Four Pack for $209 post #3
It was an eBay auction. I won the auction.

Just picked it up and it's a hell of a bike.

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