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Dirt course... post #1
ok, finally got me a bike other day, a s&m custom. good back and i like the feel of it so far. anyways, my main objective is street and vert as of right now, but i live in a small town and the closest skate park is 50 miles from me. needless to say i cant make the trip every day down there, prolly not even every weekend. so im gonna build me a dirt course next to my house. my grandmother has a field that she used to plant a garden in every year (yes i live in hillybilly central) but she let it grow up and hasnt planted one in like 7 years. well, its grown up a bit since then and me and some buddies gonna go at this weekend and cut down the knee high grass to make room for the jumps we planing on buidling. to cut to the chase i was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on building some jumps. as some of you may know im just starting but the other people im gonna be riding with have been at for a while now, ...the most advanced of the group can do a 360 and almost pull off a tailwhip. i dunno if you all would consider that decent or what but he seems good to me lol. anyways i wanna make the course so i can ride and progressivly get better but also to where the others riding with me will be challenged and such, ...im not sure on the measurements of the field but its not REALLY big but its a decent peice of land. anyways any adivce will be greatly appreciated. thanks.


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you would probably be better having a few single ramp runs, then 4 or 5 ramp runs, and everytime you want to do a bigger run, go see if you can do the single ramp eg.
have a five foot double in a single run, then build a complete run out of that style of ramp, a litle variation each time, then make a 7 or 8 foot one, ane do the same


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Make it connected. Like a single run 6 packs and the like.

Quick tips on building jumps:

1. Bury stuff, then build. Put a couch or something big down, and cover it with dirt, it will save you a lot of time instead of piling dirt.

2. Allow space in between jumps for preperation, make sure there is enough room between jumps.

3. Variation. Try having sick jumps after each other, rather then a rythym section or just a bunch of kickers. Step-downs, step-ups, tabletops... they're all fun to hit.


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a couch thats a terrible idea. if your gonna put something in it it has to be hard. cement blocks logs will work for jumps that u want to last maybe a year. cause they decompose. they best feel of jumps is pure dirt. but most people cant do that. when i make doubles i dig a hole in the middle and use the dirt from the middle . but make sure your jump is very sturdy.


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first you gotta realize that there'll always be more kids helping your ride your jumps than helping you build them, this usually can't be helped. Threats of violence can sometimes help you get more workers, but usually nothing works cause most kids are lazy. This means that you and maybe a select few trusty crew members are gonna be responsible for doing all the work necessary to build and maintain the best dirt jumps that your time and talent and effort can create.

Start off by getting some tools. Shovels of all types are always a must. Rakes and weedwhackers may also be useful. If you have access to heavy machinery all your days will be filled with bliss. Choosing a location is sometimes hard to do. You have to find a safe place where the city or neighbors or dumb kids won't hassel you or tear your stuff down. A nice spot in the woods is your best bet, away from lots of houses or buildings. It's good to have trees around to provide shade and keep the area a bit moist and cool. The bigger the area the better, you might start off small with just a couple jumps, but as you progress you're gonna want more jumps than you can shake a mullet stick at. It's always good to be able to wet the jumps pretty often to keep the dirt sticking together good and to keep dust away so having some sort of water source closeby is always a plus.

It takes lots of dirt to make a big jump so save yourself some digging time by sticking foreign objects in your lump. Logs, tires, rocks, small children and household appliances can be used to take up lots of space.
Always pack the jumps real good before you try riding them. Use shovels or hands or feet or boards to beat them into firmness


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