different parts questions.



different parts questions. post #1
allrighty, I'm trying to understand more of the parts of the bike and the differences and shit.

tripple (or double) wall construction (I assume it has 3 layers, is it that much stronger than 1 thicker one?)

what are the nipples in brakes? Because/And I have no clue what this thing does: http://www.soulcycle.com/shopping/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=11&cat=Brake Cables&catalogid=989

what is a pop? (there is a quamen pop tensioner http://www.soulcycle.com/shopping/s...d=13&cat=Chains and Tensioners&catalogid=2710)

The headset is placed around the gyro/stem? (of course if you have any).
Does it has a special function (like the gyro) or not?

what was hat 'cold forged' and is that construction manner better than <fill in> or what?

thanks for answering :)


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rims-triple wall has 3 walls on the inside 2 are inline with the top(some triple walls dont have that and i havent really figured out why it is triple wall) and the double wall is just 2 walls-one is the top and then theres another inline with it and single is just the top wall

brakes-the nipple is the knob on the need of a brake cable that goes into the brake lever--i have never seen that thing but its awesome, its genius i could have used that for some old cables that i cut and didnt have the nipple on it and save money!
chain-that thing is just a chain tensioner

headset-i dont really understand what you asked

general-cold forged is how something was formed, like to keep the strength of aluminum it is better to cold forge it where it is put into a machine and it forces it into shape without heating it up
heat treated is to form it easily and keep the strength but shouldnt be used on aluminum since it will melt and lose its strength

cnc is a way to machine aluminum which is much better the cold forge withstands more abuse thats why some of the best car wheels are cnc

cast i dont know if any bike parts are cast but that is the worst of all


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thanks mate :D

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