dia compe or the pig



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dia compe or the pig post #1
i rode the pig for a while and had really not any problems with it (broke other one) but heard that the dia compe would be pretty strong too.
don't talk about the price
pig seams better because of great sealedness (?!) and bigger balls!

talk, don't flame, unless you're lame
this is not a game


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well i run a fsa sky pilot, which is kind of like a pig but with needle bearings on the bottom cup instead of cartridge, and it rules, i have been running it for over a year, and haven't had any problems. so if the fsa pig sealed is anything like my sky pilot, it should be super good.


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so we are talking about the sealed verison well i have had both pig unsealed and sealed and since im not smooth i broke the bottom bearings in the pig unsealed and that freaked me and guys at bike shops thought i was lying so i bought a sealed pig and its great super smooth and itll last i wont ever go to any other headset but the thing is if you dont install and tighten everything just right it wont spin smooth the big thing to do is to get the stem down on the top bearings tight but allows the bars to spin very smoothly then tighten the stem as hard as possible then tighten the compression bolt tight but dont torque the thing like crazy and then make sure the bars still spin smooth if they dont that means its too tight and thats when people are like this headset sucks the bearings dont run smooth well they are idiots and overtightend it a guy at the bike shop i go to even overtightend the thing so now i know i will never let someone else put my bike together but i didnt want to mess with it since i bought a new stem and i traded my old one to him so he said he would do everything for free so i was like oh well i guess but i had to go back and fix it anyways

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