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Here are the choices:

1) I've had a Poverty Buck 99 complete for a little less than a year. I got pegs with it, but didnt start to ride too much until Fall of 2003. On Christmas, I added a new stem (Hoffman Fist). I dont really like the bike, but I could make the most of a bad situation. After upgrading a few parts, I could ride it until I have a major problem (I am only about an advanced beginner).

2) I see a lot of great frames out there that are on sale for cheap because of the new 2004 models coming in. I could buy one of these frames for a good price, using some old and new parts to build a bike.

3) A combonation of the two. I could carry on using the same bike (poverty buck 99), but buy a new frame to use whenever it is needed (i.e. I break my poverty frame in half).

Please help. Thanks.



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forget about it, only replace it if its broke, or is really hindering your riding ability. just save your money for when you really need it man, there are guys in some countries that would kill for the bike youve got, cos they have literally no money, but still ride. be happy with what you have got.


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yes you really dont need to replace the fram just yet unless you can tell the geometry doesnt suit you well, if you feel akward, uneasy, or just stretch too much it could be the frame that is if you have your all your other parts dialed into where you want them placed

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