damn chain and shit...

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damn chain and shit... post #1
teh well...to start off the other day i was learnin to do a crank flip and i brought my tire up to much and my chain kept poppin off my chain wheel and went back on again...SO...i was riding to summer school the other day
and i was standin up JUST peddaling and all the sudden i got flyin over my handlebars...and this kid and his dad pulled over and asked me if i was alrght ... so i got to the school locked up my bike and walked in...class was dissmissed and i got on my bike and then my chain SNAPPED and i fell over and eveyone was laughin...all i had was this thing on my shoulder...it looked like i bernt myself and i got blood all over my shirt...i know its stupid but hey...that whole day was and so is my bike so there


damn chain and shit... post #2
i know i know...LONG but entertaining....

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damn chain and shit... post #3
that sucks man.....i feel for ya

one time back in grade 10, i had this tiny ass little cut on my finger, and it was bleeding, but i had no idea

when i got to school, i looked down and the side of my shorts were just covered in blood from my finger

not the same, but kinda the same


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damn chain and shit... post #4
thats gotta suck dude, u should get a kink fatboy chain they are sweet


damn chain and shit... post #5
Are fat chains atually worth it? If you think about it you need to get a shop to fit them and then if they break which is very likly for me you need to go back to a bike shop. Apart from that on some frames they rub against the seat and chain stay and end up breaking your frame. Any one got any views on them or run them? Out


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fat chains are WAY worth it...i run a kmc 415...i love that chain and the kink version too...some frames you can't run them though because yea they will rub...like i heard the fit series one that happens but i dont' know or really care...they are worth it


damn chain and shit... post #7
Ok, I'm opinionated against fat chains, and have ridden one as well.

I rode a KMC 415H, and broke it one day on coping at a skatepark. I tried everywhere to find some replacement links, but had to buy a whole new chain and steal links from it to fix it. I fixed it (day after I broke it), and went riding. Broke it again on the same, brand new links. So I steal more links and fix it again. As soon as I got home (I was on vacation), I bought a 410H chain and sold both my fat chains. I've had zero problems with my chain, except one time the link literally shattered at around the 14-month mark. It was kind of rusty so I don't blame the chain. This chain has outlasted 3 sprockets, currently on it's fourth.
Fat Chains:
  • The plates are thicker.
    You can grind them down way longer.
    The bushings are bigger, so the pins should have less friction.
    Possible to fix with normal chainbreaker
  • Not all frames fit them.
    They chew up your sprocket.
    Not all sprockets fit them.
    You need a different freewheel.
    They're hard to fix.
    Links are an odd size.
    Extremely rough drive train.

Normal sized:
  • All frames fit 'em.
    All {normal} sprockets fit 'em.
    All {normal} freewheels fit 'em
    They run smoother.
    Grease/oil is needed less to keep them runnin' good.

  • They're weaker*.
    The side plates are thinner.
    They can't be ground down as much.
    They can stretch.
    As they get older, they get more side-to-side movement**.

* - It's a proven fact (by the properties and physics of metals) that the KMC 510HX chain is harder (by 30%, I believe) to detatch the plates from the pins.
** - Not all side-to-side movement is bad, because it can ease on the sprocket/freewheel rub/chain misalignment.

That being said, I don't like fat chains. If you don't like my opinion, too friggen' bad. Post your arguements for fat chains.

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