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Chainwheel post #1
I have been ridin BMX for about a year now but I am steaily upgradeing my bike and I want to change the chainwheel but i don`t know how somebody please tell me.


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Chainwheel post #2
Do you have 1 piecers or 3?


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Chainwheel post #3
why did you start 2 topics on this? but trust me its not worth upgrading your chainwheel knowing that your bike is worth as much as a new chainwheel. a next is a kids bike that cant be jumped, my friends mom bought him one and he got pissed so we took it out and broke it in one day and his mom got pissed. if your really into bmx you need to look at quality bmx bikes. your going to have to get out of department store bikes and go to a bike shop and find one

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