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iv got a kmc kool chain and i hav taken 2 many links off any tips/ideas to get a couple bak on fnx


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what i did when that happen to me is i got the chainbraker if you dont have one your screwed well if you do push the pin out but not all the way just enough to pull the links apart. then slid the links you need back in take some plyers and with the pin still connected push it back in WARNING you wont be able to take the chain off with out braking it again unless you get a masterlink.


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add the links you need and if you punched the pin completely out of the sideplate from the extra, then all i can say is to get the pin get the extra links and take a hammer and hit the pin back into the sideplate(put the extra links onto the chain because if you dont the link will bend) and when its in take the chain breaker and put it all the way in(if you hammer it all the way in the link will be stuck and not move but its also possible for that to happen anyways so you need to lube it and keep moving it). another way to do this(but its not something i would do but its quicker) get some master links and from your extra links off your chain get the inner plates with the bushings and make it long enough to what you need. you can also get half links

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