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:D :p :oops: hi all i am new here ihave like 550 $ i want to buy a gt bmx i want it agood for street park some flatland and some trail
is gt a good 1 or not


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i wouldnt get the gt. i like fit bikes thats what i would get.but its rele just up to u.if u rele like the gt's then get one.but i like i said they arnt the best bikes out there and for $550 u could get a real nice bike


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never spend more than walmart price on a gt...definitly not 550 dollars...

so i would suggest you check out some frames like...
alliance psi
eastern jane

if you want to incorporate some flatland into your riding maybe just get a street/trails frame with a 20" tt.


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Christ bro, 550?

I'd help you set up your own bike, but obviously you aren't very educated considering you want a GT :p

Definately check out Eastern, they sell completes for like 400 or less that are quite the nice bike. Standard and Hoffman also.

You're probably new though, so I would suggest a backtrail. Maybe the graveldigger (or somthing like that) by eastern? Check out DK possibly as well.
-> get ideas for how much they cost there.

(feel free to correct me on those links, i gotta go)

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