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breaks... post #1
how do you set up good breaks?, mine are alright but not the best that i want them to be.


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breaks... post #2
ok first of all they are brakes not breaks and the bolt could be too tight so the springs wont move easily--another thing is to tighten the adjuster(cap on the springs that the bolt goes into) to do that you need to loosen the bolt hold the brake arm back tighten the adjuster and hold it but dont go too far or it wont hold, then tighten the bolt but make sure you dont over tighten it or the brakes wont work once you have done that to both arms keep pulling them to ensure they never lose their tension if so you could get lock washers and put them on the bolt to hold the adjuster in place and you wont have to worry about it slipping--another thing is your pads could be har, if so go to a shop and get some soft pads like dia-tech dekka pads, odyssey 1x4or2x4, kool stop phat padd or eagle 2, try those and they should make a huge difference also if your rims are painted it can take away braking power but if you get soft pads that will pretty much be eliminated

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breaks... post #3
I set my Evolvers up in like 15min. It is not that hard, just screw with them.


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breaks... post #4
I really have to get new brakes...I've still got the old ones that came with my old bike and they suck...
I was thinking of buying new evolvers next soon as I have enough dineros

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