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Brakes post #1
First off I am sorry for the spam of messages but want to make sure I am doing eveything right caz I dont want to start off wrong and have to change something on my bike and lose a trick or something.
Back to my Question, which side is best for the brakes to be on your handle bars. Mine feel weird with front brake on the......left......I thknk anyhwo plz help


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Brakes post #2
be like me and ride with no brakes :twisted:


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Brakes post #3
a bunch of pros that think there cool ride with no brakes. in interviews when asked why they say they lived int he getto when they were young and couldnt afford brakes. i need brakes for dirtjumping. cause after jumps i need to slow down or ill run into a tree or something.


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Brakes post #4
I ride back evolvers and my lever is on the right side. I thought your front went on the left and the back went on the right i geuss it doesn't matter do what fells comfortable


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Brakes post #5
I run my front brake on the right like on a motorcycle.. I've always ridden motorcycles and I liked it better. I just reverse them. On one bike I have both of them on the front brake. On my race bike of course it's rear brake on the right and that's it.

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