Best COMPLETE flatland bike.



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Best COMPLETE flatland bike. post #1
Ive been doing my research for a while now while still riding my STA. Every bike I build on paper comes out to like $2K. sOOO. I went into a few shops looking for something complete and NOONE had anything flatland specific. One shop told me to get a Bestwick Team and flip all the parts ono a Tao or a EP frameset. Figure like $1k. But i'm sure theres better options. I want to get a good bike with a good component pakage and just upgrade as shit gets broke. What are youse guys suggestions. " Money no object"!! Please include a guestimation of price.


Best COMPLETE flatland bike. post #2
do i think Fly makes a Micromachine complete but im not sure...if they do that is what i recommend.

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