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BACKYARD JAM videos online now post #1
Backyard Jam,
Videos available, 27 mn on TRANSITION MAG

Transition digital BMX magazine, the only video magazine which presents each month,
45 mn Vidéos on line
, by waiting the quaterly DVD*.
*(Only available on TRANSITION digital BMX magazine)

All Programme and All extracts

Street :
Tony Hoffmann – Cestas, France (03/02/04 – 03/03/04), 2min23
Scène locale Cestas - France (03/02/04), 3min16
Real Street Contest – Eindhoven, The Nederland (03/06/04), 6min19
Domination Jam – Naintré, France (03/13/04 – 03/14/04), 4min41
Session Mini Ramp – Naintré, France (03/13/04 – 03/14/04), 2min16
Frank Lafitte – Valence d’Agen, France (03/15/04 – 03/17/04), 3min51
Day of Reprisal – Derby Storm Skatepark, UK (03/27/04), 3min57
Guy Terry – Derby Storm Skatepark, UK (03/28/04), 2min33
-NEW- Backyard Jam PracticePro – Bournemouth, UK (04/03/04 - 04/04/04), 1m59
-NEW- Backyard Jam, qualification pro – Bournemouth, UK (04/03/04 - 04/04/04), 10m30
-NEW- Backyard Jam, pro finale – Bournemouth, UK (04/04/04), 14m24

Flat :
Thomas Noyer – Rodez, France (02/04/04), 3min
Wheels of god contest – Limoges, France (02/21/04), 4min59
Braun Flatground – Amsterdam, The Nederland (03/28/04 -03/29/04), 5min23
Flat Jam – Eindhoven, The Nederland (03/06/04), 1min56
Flat Club de Servon – France (03/08/04), 4min
Coralie Tugny - Servon, France (03/08/04), 2min30
Stéphane Suini – Paris, France (03/09/04), 3min



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BACKYARD JAM videos online now post #2
lol i just saw this post in the all other stuff forum.

w/e ill post my same msg

I wish I spoke french better parce que je ne comprend pas
X Boarder

X Boarder

BACKYARD JAM videos online now post #3
yeah I cant really understand what that site says..

although it is pretty self-explanitory, and after a while i realised where the vids were :?

too bad you have to have Real PLayer (dont have it) and also that you have to create a new account.. dont have time for that but maybe next time


BACKYARD JAM videos online now post #4
lol..ya can CHANGE it to english..just click the flag under the contnets bit and it goes to english,YEY..also ya have to register :D ah damn..ya gotta pay to register also..and i wanted to see the videos..its like 10/15euros i think :cry:

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BACKYARD JAM videos online now post #5
need real player to see it?

i dun like real player :p

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