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[Article] BMX Fix-it post #1
I have read many posts from people wantng to know how to get better braking, make their bike lighter, etc, etc, etc...

I know that i too, have been part of this crowd, so i am going to write up a topic on all the info you need.

Some of the info i give here will be a repeat from the Bicycle Repair 101 written by evanc, but i shall explain in greater detail(i hope)....

Cutting Down Your Bars:
Tools required:
1) Air Compressor
2) Needle, ie, for a football
3) Tubing Cutter
4) Metal File


First remove your grips by attaching the needle to the air compressor hose and sliding under your grips(make sure your bar ends are off, if you have them). As you release short bursts of air, 20 sec., twist your grips and, voila, they slide off....

Use the Tubing Cutter to cut a straight cut down you bars, meadured in however much you want to take off. Please note, if you dont want to buy a tubing cutter, just use a hacksaw, these leave you with an uneven cut more often than not, but can be corrected with the metal file.

The metal file comes next. Use this tool to remove any rough edges from the cut.

To replace your grips, twist them on about 1/4 to a 1/2 inch on, then use the air compressor and needle method, as in step 1, only in reverse.

Seat post
Many people want to remove alot of their seat post to lose wiehgt on their bike, good idea, as this does weigh alot.


Remove your seat + post from the seat tube. now use a spanner to remove the seat from the post(the bolts are under the seat, its easy to get back on).

Wrap cardboard around the end of the seat post that goes into your seat, and place it in a vice, not TOO tight, as it can damage the post through the cardboard.

Use a hacksaw to cut your desired amount of post off, remember to leave at least 1 1/2" below the clamp, otherwise your seat will be unbalanced and will fall/slip out.

Place your seat back on the post and tighten the bolts, replace in tube to your desired height, tighten the clamp, and your done. a shorter, lighter seat post awaits your test-ride.

Note: note that i didnt suggest you use a file to fix rough edges on your seat post, i did this because, face it, who is gonna pull your seat post our JUST to see how well you cut it??!

Under this heading i will discus fixing popped tyres on your ride, as well as preventing punctures.

Take off your back wheel and let any left-over air out.
Remove your Tyre using ONLY tyre levers, screw drivers wreck your tube, which most likely, CAN be salvaged, as well as risk damaging your actual tyre.


Follow the instructions in the repair kit.

When thats done, fill it with lots of air, and see if any leeks, if it does, THROW IT AWAY. It cannot be fixed, trust me, my friend and i spent three hours trying to salvage a tube that kept doing that.

Fit your new tube in the tyre, and replace it on the rim, use tyre levers ONLY, and ONLY for the first part of replacing the tyre, push it on when it is possible.

Go to the Servo and pump your wheel up, put it back on your bike, put the chain on, and tighten it....

Ride away and have fun.

Preventing Punctures:

Use a rim strip. They help stacks, most bikes come standard with one, if not, buy one, well worth the investment. get an old tube, cut the valve off and cut down the centre on the inside. Place this over your good tube with the valve sections lined up.

Replace your tyre and wheel as above.

Note: although this method sacrifices weight, it will prevent ALOT of punctures.



Every single person at some time in their bmxing lives, will have trouble with brakes. Unfortunately, i am not goin to post anything about them now, because i am tired, i will do it tomorro arvo though.......

good night, hope this helps so far.....


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[Article] BMX Fix-it post #2
actually for bars you can use any type of metal cutter on them wether it be hand or machine operated i used a dremel tool ive heard of people using a circular saw with a metal cutting blade and i heard of many more things and as of getting the grips off you can use carb and choke cleaner brake dust cleaner silicone anything like that take something flat, or a small round tool, and it needs to be pretty long to put under the grips and slide it all around and then keep twisting the grip and itll slide right off

also tires you can use a screw driver if you know what you are doing and if you need new tubes who cares if you poke the old tube tire levers are the best thing to use but you have to get a quality one ask guys at bike shop because if you get a cheap one itll break, i been through 2 on 1 tire,

but cutting down the bars and seat post will take hardly anything off weight wise unless you hack like the entire thing to nothing


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[Article] BMX Fix-it post #3
RE: BMX Fix-It

OK, part 2, here we go:

Last night (my time) I gave sum help with tyres, and cutting down bars and seat posts, today im going to add information about BRAKES (Fixing them, adjusting them, installing them, as well as how to get better braking). I will also finish with a discussion about cleaning your bike, and keeping it running smoothly.

So, down to the installation of brakes. Ill give info on Installing the brakes (arms on mounts) and Levers with Single Cable, I will discuss gyros at another time.

Tools Required:
5mm Allen key (the black ones)
10mm Spanner
Small adjustable Spanner
Pliers, large
Pliers, small
Wire cutters

Place the springs in the brake arms and the caps on top, then screw them onto the mounts (most screw-bolts use a 5mm Allen/hex key). Screw them in until they are approximately one quarter of a turn from fully tightened.

Make sure the correct arm is in the correct place.

Attach the lever to your handlebars, and insert the handlebar end of the cable (the one with the little knobby piece of metal). Place the cable down the down tube through the little cable-holds, if your bike doesn’t have these, buy/use cable/zip ties.

If your seat tube has a hole down the bottom, insert the housing and then insert the cable. Attach the straddle cable-curving device about one inch from the seat tube, MAKE SURE IT IS REALLY, REALLY TIGHT. The last thing you want is to have your brakes set up, go on a ride and pull on your brakes, only to find your cable slips through this bolt!!!!!

If your seat tube does not have a hole already designated for this purpose, drill one, but you don’t have to go to all the bother of doing that, just cut your cable cover (tube device which the cable is in) about 3 inches short of the seat tube, and the cable about one half of an inch short of the seat tube. Attach the straddle cable-curving device one inch from the cable cover and tighten that mother down!

Now, hold your brake pads onto the rim, a rubber band helps, or another person, and get your adjustable spanner and tighten it to fit the nut on your brake mounts (the screw fits INSIDE this nut) and turn it ONE FULL TURN, then tighten the screw REALLY, REALLY TIGHT.

Do the same on the other side.

Attach the straddle cable knob to the U shaped thing on the end of the brake arms. Pull the cable around the seat tube, or simply to the curving device, and into the curving device. You then have to thread the cable through the bolt on the other brake arm. Use the large pliers to do this, and push on the ends of the brake arms until the brake pads are approx. one quarter of an inch from the rim ON EACH SIDE!

Tighten that bolt down.

Pull on your lever, if this is too loose or too tight, there should be barrel adjustors at your lever, which you can adjust.

Test it out.

Better Braking

Remove your wheel, as described in replacing a tyre.
Use one of the following, or make a mixture:
Rubbing Alcohol
Clean Green
Ajax Spray N Wipe
Ajax Cream Cleaner (this is a bit old btw)


Get a small rag and dip it into the mixture, or one of the solutions.
Rub it around your rim EVERYTIME WITH A NEW PART OF THE RAG. This removes dirt and grime that produce braking deficiencies.

Rub one more coat on so that you can see the liquid, and leave to dry.
Repeat for the other side and the pads, after it has been drying for 10mins, wipe clean, replace wheel, chain, brake pads, and tighten...ride off and experience better braking.

Solution #2:

10mm spanner

This is so simple, anyone can do it.

Remove your brake pads.
Sand them down, after using the above method to clean them, so that they are roughed up.

Replace them.

See? Simple, isn’t it?

Keep your bike running smooth!

#1) Always keep your bearings greased, if you are uncomfortable with doing this, take it to a shop, BUT MAKE SURE THEY ARE GREASED. If they are not, they will creak and groan and eventually snap.

#2) Use something similar to WD-40 to CLEAN your sprocket and chain. Spray liberally over your sprocket, and spin the cranks. Lube it with an item such as White Lightning.

#3) LUBE YOUR CABLES. Remove your cable from the casing, and squirt liberal amounts of Teflon in one end. Re-insert the cable into the end you lubed, and re-attach to your bike, smoother braking.

#4) Remember to tension your brake springs occasionally; they DO become loose and WILL affect your braking ability. Also remember to clean your rims and pads occasionally, once or twice per month, to get optimum braking performance.

And that is that, and the end of talking from me. As time goes by I will include more information which I find out, but feel free to post positive input with tips for fixing your bike. Please, ONLY post tips here, not normal chats, stories or other miscellaneous posts.


P.S. Thanks for making this a "STICKY"" topic.

P.P.S. Sorry i didnt post the other day, i tried, but the server was down or something and the forums were not working.


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[Article] BMX Fix-it post #4
OK, Federal, the point of the air compressor is so that you can keep your grips.

Yes i agree, if you know what you are doing you CAN use a screwdriver, but this post was designed for newbies and others who are inexperienced with fixing BMX's.


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[Article] BMX Fix-it post #5
understandable but most people dont have a compressor, so really i just use a can of carb and choke or something and put that tube on it and stick it under my grips spray twist and the grips slide off then clean up the mess so the next grips stick on

Super S***

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[Article] BMX Fix-it post #6
actuly i fine hairspray a good thing for takin grips off(call me a faggot if u want), if u r taking grips off they work good as a lube and if u r putting them on then it makes them easy and if u get them on in time it will stick,and act like glue keeping the grips on tight without much movement,however this wont ruin your grips or make it hard to take them off again. :D


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[Article] BMX Fix-it post #7
i use hairspray to put my grips on so they slide on, of course sometimes i need hot water to loosen them, then wait a while or leave the bike in the sun and the grips will be stuck on and wont move


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[Article] BMX Fix-it post #8
What can I to be able to keep my grips, but not use an air compressor to get them off?


[Article] BMX Fix-it post #9
afroboy360 said:
What can I to be able to keep my grips, but not use an air compressor to get them off?
this has worked for me for years: to remove, i use a long skinny flat-head screwdriver and slide it in nice and deep...once you stick it in, move it from front to back while spraying wd-40, water, or hair spray in grip...(not a female ) use your other hand to twist it loose while pulling it off.

to put back on: lay bike on its side...use hair spray, or a very light film of wd-40 inside the grip and slide it on, use massive force woking it into place. if you use to much lube and grip slides on really easy, then take it off, let it dry a little then put it back on. the harder you make it to put grip on, will help decrease the chances of grip slipping when riding.


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[Article] BMX Fix-it post #10
OK, i posted a bit on this above, but does anyone know if you can cut posts/bars w/ a coping saw?

im too pov to buy a hacksaw or a tubing cutter cus i hav no cash and im between jobs......


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[Article] BMX Fix-it post #11
I've got some problems with my chain. I went trailriding and off course some dirt got in my chain. I took it off put it in some warm water, dried it, spayed on wd-40, dried it again and than sprayed on some lubricating oil, but my cain still makes a slight grinding noise, should I repeat all of the above or is there a much easier method?


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[Article] BMX Fix-it post #12
Hmm, traildemon, sounds like a bad problem, heres what i did when that happened to me...(it HAS happened to me btw)

Spray the chain with liberal amounts of WD-40 or other water dispersant products, and leave it for a while. While its doing that, head down to your local auto parts/accesories store, and find a cleaning solution for metal. fill an ice-cream container with that foloowing any dillution instructions on the bottle. if you can get your chain off your bike, put it in the bucket, and let it sit for about one hour, unless otherwise stated by instructions on the package, pull it out let it dry, and put it back on....

If you CANT get your chain off, put the diluted/undiluted substance into a spray bottle, you can pick one up at a cheap store, crazy clark's, dollars and sense, the warehouse, silly solly's, etc. put your chain onto your sprocket and freewheel and make sure it is TIGHT. get the bottle and spray some of the substance into the top of the chain(the part on the sprocket) whilst spinning the pedals/cranks. Dry it by cranking for about 2 minutes, and then leave it sit, lube it up with WHITE LIGHTNING, or similar, and ride away....

hope this helps you dude


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[Article] BMX Fix-it post #13
i'll give a go...thanks


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[Article] BMX Fix-it post #14
i dont want to buy a new hub but the bearings in it are ****ed can i just buy some new bearings or do i have to buy a wheel


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[Article] BMX Fix-it post #15
i take my bars off and put my grips in hot water this makes them easier to remove because they expand.


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[Article] BMX Fix-it post #16
I've got a problem with my wheel. I had to change my spokes because they were all ****ed up,but I just can't seem to get my spokes in right. The problem is that after I put in my inbound spokes on both flanges of the hub and twist it so that my spokes go in at an angle it 'untwists' so that the spokes stick out of the rim, making it impossible to put my tire back in.
Don't bother giving me the g-sport link because I've tried to do it their way 3 times now


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[Article] BMX Fix-it post #17
ummmm......yeh bro, good on you....give me something no 1 else has!!!........lol

just let me check, do they stick out of the rim, ie, through the holes where the nipples go, or outside of the rim onto the braking surface? if you could explain that a lil bit, i might be able to help......also, how do they twist? like a spin, or at the bend at the hubs, or at the rim?

thanks bro, ill get back to you asap...just got to check my sources.....



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[Article] BMX Fix-it post #18
well, I twisted the inbound spokes away from the valvehole, but now a couple of spokes stik out of the rim (out of their holes). This means I cant put in a new innertire because it would deflate on impact.
I tried to untighten the spokes that are sticking out a bit, and tighten the others but it doesn't seem to work. :roll:
The main problem is that at the meantime I still can't ride...

keep it real

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[Article] BMX Fix-it post #19
how about, get out the friendly angle grinder and cut up shit for no reason. I dont know if this will help, but it'll be fun


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[Article] BMX Fix-it post #20
I tried to saw the tops off, but the two sidewalls are in the way

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