***Am i gettin ripped off?**

Am i getting ripped off ?

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***Am i gettin ripped off?** post #1
ive been offered a fly estampida complete bike it has a few upgrades from the stock bike which are primo powerbite cranks and a exposure chain ring w/bash ring and a new chain this bike is in mint condition hardly ridden
he wants £250 ive know the bloke for ages and i know he hasent riddin the bike much what do u all think

by the way im a mountain biker so i dont know to much about pricings on bmx's

FT rider

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***Am i gettin ripped off?** post #2
u should find out what version of the bike it is (2002/2003) or woteva and also make sure the cranks are the newer version of the primos as the older ones had a tendency for the thread to strip but even if you have the old ones and they do strip u can send em to primo to get the new ones free it just saves hassle. Anyway NO WAY are you being ripped off, even if they are older versions of the cranks/bike it is still easily worth it as primos retail at £100 for a pair and the bike is £400 new, so definitly buy it, or if you really want a new bike look at the federal foundation, but if the fly is in good condition then you should 100% buy it sounds like a reali good deal


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***Am i gettin ripped off?** post #3
Sounds good for 250 quid!


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***Am i gettin ripped off?** post #4
The fly in my town thats a complete is 1200 but since its now 2004 they dropped the price and its 750 (canadian)

Pyro insaine

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***Am i gettin ripped off?** post #5
HECK NO thats a steal since FLY stock bikes a real good and i got a primo powerbite and it'll last u real long

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