a few questions...



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a few questions... post #1
i know thest questions are extremely newbie, but hey. wut can i say. i am a newbie. so plz help...

->chromoly fork(or jstu a fork)
->48H high wall rims(i know it's rims, but what does 48H mean?)
->39T sprocket
->2-pc bars with 7'' rise
->top tube (what size is good for street?)


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a few questions... post #2

You want to know what these are?


a few questions... post #3
i have no idea what he is talking about but ill guess...

-yes you want to get a chromoly fork...maybe an FBM or S&M Pitch or Fit
-48h is the number of spokes that the hub or rim has...spoke hole thingies
-uh yea idk bout the axles thingy
-animal sprockets rule
-profile chromoly cranks
-didn't look for any with a 7" rise...but get some fit edwins or animals
-top tube is up to you man...also depends on how big you are too


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a few questions... post #4
Erm...whats the question?


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a few questions... post #5
48H the H stands for hole
39T the T stands for tooth
the top tube all depends on how tall you are, they have sizing charts at danscomp.com, i would need like a 20.5 inch top tube but i run 21.5 on my dirt jumping bike, i just think its more comfortable and give you a little more room for different shit, its all up to u.

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