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hey all

im lookin at pickin up a pair of 3 pce cranks for my bike soon.

does anyone think that these cranks:
"Tuf-Neck Overbite Cranks - US bb"

are any good? i do not know much about them, they are down the bottom of this page:
if anyone wants the details.

please dont reply sayin dont replace parts if they arent broken, or something similar, I ALREADY KNOW THIS. i just want something that wil help me out, give your opinions of the cranks on that page if you do not think these would be suitable, nothing to expensive, AND REMEMBER, this is an aussie site so the prices are higher.




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i think its a clone to the powerbite so it will be like the ame but i just read that it is has alloy arms. and if that is true dont buy them alloy is a very cheap metal that is weaker then aluminum. most brake levers are made of an alloy and those break easily. but i believe its a clone to the powerbite, meaning its made in the same place as primo in the same way, but can be altered by how it was made and this one, from what the website says, is altered by being made of an alloy


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yeah what federal_rider said.
to add to it, i believe the intserts on the Powerbites are cromally but the inserts for the Tuf-Neck are steel. i dont think it would be much of a difference but i have read cases where guys have had the inserts come loose then fall out on the Powerbites. You should go with a set of cromo cranks like We The People, Redline monster, or plain ole' Profiles...they will last you forever.

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