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As you may have guessed, I have two questions 8) .

1) What is the best thing to use for grind wax (I am open to storebought/household items, or homemade recipes)?

2) Given the choice between Dia-tech Hombre and Tektro FX-20, what brakes should I get?



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wax, im using some skateboard wax since i went to a skate shop and i was skating that day and needed wax- but you could melt down crayons or candle wax and use that too(alot of guys like using scented wax)

and as of brakes im not sure i ride cheap tektro's and they are fine but i havent used either one of those, but they are equal to me so i couldnt decide but most people will say dia-tech


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i find that you really dont need any special wax, just go out to a local shop and buy some candles, they will be fine.

as far as brakes go, they will both work fine, if you dial them in well, but given the choice, i would go with the dia-compes and some nice soft pads, like kool stop eagle 2's.

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