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2 for the price of 1 build thread post #181
video from our trip

got back to california

did a couple more events


then it was time for some changes

chopped of the mangled front end and got tube'd and tub'd

picked up an sr20det. apexi power fc, tomei exhaust mani, td05, moroso oil pan, 550cc injectors, and a few other goodies

picked out a new color cuz i didn't think two tone would look good with the new aero

back to sanding and painting and wanting to die

but it was worth it

at this point, final bout 2 had come around. pulled a few all-nighters to get the car ready to be shipped off to wisconsin in time. didn't fire up the sr for the first time until a couple hours before loading the car haha

somehow made it out there in one piece



2 for the price of 1 build thread post #182
went out and did a couple laps, then BOOM, no second gear

good thing i brought a spare trans, but it was for ka, so i had to change the bellhousing. took me all damn day. went back out day 2 and did some more driving

dropped a wheel and lost a giant chunk

annnnnnd after a few more runs i lost second gear again :(

figured the clutch was the reason i kept blowing up transmissions, so i pulled it

i found it was a stage 5 unsprung clutch with a stock flywheel = death and also found that two of the flywheel bolts had stripped the crank :-/

tried tapping the crank, but it was getting too sketchy, so i had to pull the motor to remove the crank

luckily a friend had a spare crank sitting around and threw in a block with another crank in it too

broke it down

out with the old (right) in with the new (left)

got it all back together and in the car

started it up and it was running kinda funky. thought we slipped a tooth on the timing chain. because it's an interference motor we thought a valve got bent. did a leakdown test and the results seemed to indicate so. i pulled the motor out again

the valves all looked fine, confusing the hell out of me. pulled the main caps on the crank just to see how it was doing... not so good...

i only had a few days until we needed to be on the road to final bout special stage west, so i said screw it and slapped the motor back together and put it in the car, hoping to just get a couple runs in. at least it looked cool



2 for the price of 1 build thread post #183
i was pretty surprised how long it lasted before knocking like crazy. i think i got about 20-25 laps in before calling it quits

video from our trip

got home, pulled the motor out again, took the original crank to a machine shop and had it fixed. new bearings again, put it back in the car, and it was running pretty good.

drove up to thunderhill and did a shakedown. naoki nakamura (pink/purple, guy holding gold star shirt) came out from japan. it was pretty amazing watching him drive in person

then drove the car to grange in socal for super d matsuri

made a splitter so i hopefully stop destroying front bumpers

roommate/team mate and my garage :)

installed this sweet slamburglars plaque

changed up the wheels because i kept cracking the previous set and they didn't come in 17". now running 17" front, 18" rear. feels sooooo much better.

got a ton of extra parts off a car a friend was parting out


2 for the price of 1 build thread post #184
installed aluminum one piece driveshaft

had to change out the rear lower coilover mount so i could put drop knuckles on.

the drop knuckles made the suspension geometry sooooo much better

did pbm bbk up front

and acadia rear rotors with custom brackets

had to redo my harness protection and made a plate for the hole in the wheel well

also changed out the td05 for a brand new t28. the td05 was just super laggy. pretty sure it was due to the thicker head gasket.

did a street tune. car rips way harder than it used to and the turbo spools like 1200rpm earlier. loaded it up to head off to super d

video from the event

i hit dom's (red car) rear wheel with my wheel. totally rekt m8. then borrowed a friends wheel and hit dom's wheel again, but luckily it only took a small chunk out of it

installed heat maker hotside knuckles and flca's

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