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180 things post #1
Two things

1. When you do a 180, like a bunny hop 180 or you land backwards from a flare or something and you are rolling backwards... how do you go about doing the little pivot on the back wheel and spinning the bike around frontwards again.

2. When rolling forwards and you do an endo, I am pretty sure this is how you start it, do you throw the frame one way and turn the handlle bars to do a 180 into a backwards roll? if not, what do you do, and if it is, how do you do this?


180 things post #2
1. when riding fakie just turn your bars like 90 degrees which ever way is comfortable or normal for you and like idk lift up and lean to turn the bike around...of course stop back pedaling cause this will act as a brake and you will be able to turn around...roll back.

2. i think you are talking about a rock and roll here...just roll cruisin speed and turn a little bit past 180 then lift the back end around so that you basically did a 180 endo type deal...quickly after that happends do the same thing as above...roll back....and there you go.

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