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What's your source then?
Do research before telling tales about '"available" asses': http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sagging_(fashion) Look in the origin section just in case.
FROTH lol you Adam LZ guys haha
So dead!
With you on that one mate!
They work perfect for grinding if you take all screws out of one side, cause thats how they were intended... www.odysseybmx.com/catalog/pedals/jcpc/
odyssey jcpc ftw mate!
I mean that it's nothing unusual that your "contact tires" popped because they are cheap and bad quality. Yes I (we) ride at 8 at night.  The best option would be to get better tires for example maxxis "hookworm" or "miracle". They should only be around 18$ and you can literally ride over glass without much happening.   Or pump your "contact tires" to 55psi, then you shouldn't get pinch flats either.
sadly nothing unusual for this tire...
Black would be good. What fork is it? Cromoly? Will you ship to Ecuador? lol
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