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Two recent shots, critique or whatever. Check the flickr: flickr.com/photos/jakeelizalde/  
That first one is awesome!!! What kind of film you shooting with?
Yours required work to be done to them from my understanding. Kuya's didn't need anything done to them.
That's a nice Sunday... Looks kinda familiar... Oh wait I bought it then you never shipped it...
Had a few more offers. Anyone else interested?
Kuya, are you wanting both cameras or just one or the other? I'm pretty interested in both the frames you have(WTP and Fly), Odyssey A. Ross Bars, Demo Medial 2.0 cranks, and Oddy Burlington 25th sprocket.
Any pictures of these?
Let's get some more offers in here.
Read the rules. Your supposed to post pictures in the thread. And have fun selling something with only one post.
New Posts  All Forums: