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im guessing it was a tuck no hander 3? or a frontflip flair. but i doubt it.
maddog is better. at least he moved up to a 20
lue no one likes you.
i think he tried a 1080 and only got 900 out of it.
i dislike the gold. black was the best imo.
i love my foldable rubens. they just feel so much better then my old khes. better grip. and i dont have to worry about punctures.
what makes plegs bad? yeah a plastic peg that slides and doesnt wear down on rails or anything waxed sucks. maybe its because retarded street apes go out and want to give them a bad name. so they grind anything they can just to grind threw it.
installation error. first of all those arnt the right spacers to use with them. and i bet the wedge cluster wasnt properly installed either
i like them all alot. especially the hang 5/ walk the dog. the first one though just seems to be a bad angle. it wouldve ben sweet to see how far you were going to nose manual for.
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